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Sun, Sea and War Of The Worlds

I love cycling in the sun. I get to wear my favourite bib shorts and ride my summer bike, what’s not to love? I’ve been going to Lanzarote to train for years (although sadly not for the last 6 following the birth of my son who has some health problems), it’s got everything you could want as a triathlete.

The Ocean to practice open water swimming in, we literally got off the plane and were swimming in the Atlantic within the hour. Hills, yes lots of hills and wind to make cycling up them tougher. With trails and sea fronts to run along Lanza has it all, including an average daily temperature of 19 degrees in March. So when Simon Ward from The Triathlon Coach invited me to join his group of triathletes training for Ironman I jumped at the chance, not least so I could test our latest bib shorts and new style jerseys for summer 2017.

Lots of bike miles were promised and the trip didn’t disappoint Fermes, El Golfo, Fire Mountain, Mirador Del Rio and Tabayesco all awaited. After 6 years away, being back in these places was truly awesome. I loved every tiring, sweaty second and somehow I’d forgotten the joy of wearing summer cycling kit after spending all Winter in layer upon layer of clothing to keep me warm and dry.


Each morning I’d spend 10 minutes carefully choosing which bibs and jersey to wear that day to keep me comfortable in the saddle. I’d taken enough bike kit to last me all Summer never mind 5 days. I am that cockwomble friend everyone has that likes to colour co-ordinate everything, it’s all got to match which makes it difficult when you need to pack light to stay under Ryan Air’s pathetic baggage allowance. I only weigh 68kg how the f**k do I get the same allowance as the guy spilling out of his seat, who will be heading straight to Puerto Del Carmen for happy hour when the plane lands? FML 🙂

The group of guys on the camp were all strong cyclists including a couple of Kona finishers and 1 or 2 of them were also strong drinkers keen to partake in a happy hour or two of their own. My penultimate night I was awoken at 3am ish to a rendition of War Of The Worlds from the room next door, accompanied by the happy hour revellers. My thoughts of revenge turned to the planned ride up Tabayesco the following morning where a more punishing pace may result in one or two X Factor wannabes barfing up their happy hour drinks – ‘cue evil laugh’.

I was amazed to see the ’24 hr party people’ make it to breakfast for 7.30am although it did seem to be mainly coffee being consumed but hats off to them so far, but lets see how they all climb later.

Once we had cycled together for an hour and arrived at the base of Tabayesco, the gloves were off and everyone set off for the summit 530m above us. My plans for revenge lasted less than the first few km and then the AA recruits were gone and it was me that wanted to barf for the rest of the 9.6km climb to the top.

Whilst blowing out of my a**e from the half way point I had to talk to myself a couple of times “you love cycling in the sun, remember”. My mood was lifted slightly upon seeing triathlon legend Faris Al Sultan descending in the opposite direction but the real reward for making it to the top was (no not the sodding view although it doesn’t suck) the descent to Teguise and the chocolate orange muffin and latte that awaited in Jonnie Bakes – pure heaven.

I love cycling in the sun and it definitely won’t be 6 years before I’m back in Lanzarote again.


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Love life, my family and my bike. I'm blessed because my hobbies and passion for sports (in particular triathlon & cycling) is also my business. We provide clubs, teams and companies with the ultimate custom triathlon, run and cycling clothing.

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