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20 Lessons For You.

Just in case you missed it, Simon Ward founder of has started a weekly podcast.

He is now up to episode 25 and has had some amazing guests with brilliant advice and guidance. Each of the guests so far has been an expert in a field associated with the sport of triathlon – nutrition, sports psychology, injury rehabilitation, running, swimming etc.

For those yet to listen, you are missing out on some great stuff. (And the best part is that none of the chats lasts for longer than 50 minutes).

Here are some of the best bits of advice so far and highlighted is a link to the chat. To listen, just click on the name of the guest.

  1. Key skills for open water swimming in Lanzarote with Paul Cardwell Hounam
  2. How movement and mobility reverses injuries with Sarah Pitts
  3. How the best performances come when you are committed physically, mentally, and emotionally with Malcolm Brown
  4. 3 basic principles underpinning the ability to run fast – with Malcolm Brown
  5. What happened when an apparently sane 49 year old went Keto for a 70.3 event with Toby Baxendale
  6. Why cutting out the “fluff” from your life is a game changer with Toby Baxendale
  7. How to speed up by slowing down with Brad Kearns
  8. How to reduce carbohydrate dependancy with  Brad Kearns
  9. How a frequent Kona qualifier, trains,  works 50+ hours/week and maintains a balanced life with Stuart Anderson
  10. Positive self talk and self imagery for a better performance with Jeremy Lazarus
  11. Advice for self coached Age group athletes from Lionel Sanders coaching advisor David Tilbury Davis
  12. How to maintain enthusiasm for triathlon from this years Kona 70-74 AG winner Simon Butterworth
  13. Heart rate Variability as a tool for triathletes, with world leading expert Dr Dan Plews
  14. Maximising performance through sleep with Nick Littlehales
  15. 38 ironman finishes and still going strong with Kes Alecnavicius
  16. Race Day hydration and peeing on the bike with Andy Blow
  17. How to minimise GI problems in long distance triathlons with Dr Rob Fearn
  18. What foods to eat to maintain gut balance with Nigel Mitchell
  19. How to use Critical Swim Speed to be a faster swimmer with Mr SwimSmooth, Paul Newsome 
  20. How to avoid running injuries with the physio who kept Jess Ennis-Hill healthy, Alison Rose 


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